Photo Policy


Photographers are encouraged to submit original photography to for online publication provided that they authorize perpetual non-compensated use of the photos as outlined below and as may change from time to time. If desired, we will include our choice of an .html remark title or hot link back to your email or web site address.

With ALL PHOTOS UpStateNH reserves sole discretion to determine appropriateness of inclusion, placement and descriptive verbiage.


Photographs submitted for publication may be edited by you or us in the following ways:

Any business or individual may download any photograph for non-commercial PERSONAL use.

  • Use as the background on your desktop.
  • Downloading for later non-commercial personal use.
  • E-Mailing to a friend. photos may be reproduced on your own website under the following conditions:

  • That the website is free to access, not derrogatory against any person, group or corporation.
  • That no image(s) on your site is for sale.
  • That the image is credited as follows: Photo by / Copyright by (name of photographer).
  • That the credit line is hotlinked to the photographer and / or
  • That the photo is not edited or modified except for size.