NH Lupin & NH's Lupine Festival: A Gallery of Scenic Shots in Randolph & Sugar Hill, NH

NH Lupin & Lupine Festival: A Gallery of Scenic Shots!

NH Lupin Photo Gallery

Whenever you think of Lupin, think NH!

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Randolph, NH has some beautiful spots with Lupin
One of NH's many beauties is the wild growth of Lupin. It can be found in many random spots in and near the White Mountains and also near the Concord Airport where school children cultivate it as a habitat for the Karner Blue (Lycaeides melissa samuelis) butterfly. Endangered, and only found in a handful of places across the USA, the Karner Blue is NH's official state butterfly.

  Randolph, NH has some beautiful spots with Lupin

Because of their beauty and connection to our state butterfly, Lupin are adored in NH, and the beneficiary of a very popular June festival in Sugar Hill and surrounding towns. In most places we do ask guests to admire our Lupin, often spelled Lupine, from the roadside. However, in Sugar Hill, traditional site of the festival, there are many acres of Lupin that visitors are free to enjoy up close and personal.

  Sugar Hill, NH, hosts the annual Lupine Festival

These warm Spring days are so inviting ~ you can see the mountains to the south and east.

Polly's Pancake Parlor is open, a 'must-do' tourist event. The pancake assortment is amazing, the food is delicious and is very promptly served. Go early though: get there mid-morning and you are likely to be waiting in line.

Just 2 minutes furthur is Harman Cheese & Country Store. They boast having the 'world's greatest cheddar cheese'. We don't know how you would measure a claim like that. We just know the cheese is GREAT!

  Sugar Hill is ALIVE with Lupin in early June

The meadow pictured here has many acres of Lupin, planted in full view of the mountains. There is ample parking, and it's just 10 minutes from Interstate 93.

Take Exit 38 (Franconia), north on Main Street (Route 18) for 2 minutes, then left unto Sugar Hill Road (Route 117) for 5 or so minutes. Then take a left unto Sunset Hill Road. Travel 1000 feet and you are there!

  Sugar Hill, NH's Lupine Festival is truly stunning!

The summer festival draws thousands of people to the area over the month long event, and you are welcome to walk though the meadow, liberally posted with inspirational messages.

  The Lupine Festival is so beautiful, so calming, so PERFECT!

There are many visitors to our Lupin ~ you can see the mountains to the south and east, and birds love the lupins, and the area is serene! It's bordered with trees and is very soothing, almost theraputic.

  NH's Lupine Festival has Lupine of many colors.

Lupin comes in many colors. Here and there different colors will emerge. The celebration is a month long event, but the Lupins show their finery best during the first two or so weeks.

  Enjoy NH's Mountain Views while enjoying the Festival, and it's all FREE!

Come enjoy our mountains. There's no place like New Hampshire, anywhere!



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