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Pittsburg, NH

If you ask anyone from Nashua to North Conway to describe the town of Pittsburg, they first thing they will tell you is "It's way up there!" While today the community's main industry is tourism, most people will agree that the town's history was in the lumber and paper industries. Some may tell their tales of "Moose Alley," the last ten miles of Route 3 before the Canadian border, famous for its daring moose population.

Surprisingly, for a brief time period, Pittsburg was neither part of Canada or the United States: The Republic of Indian Stream was a self-governing republic of 300 people from 1832-35. A result of a U.S./Canadian border dispute, this "republic" ran its own monetary, judicial and political affairs. The area was occupied by the New Hampshire militia in 1835, and was renamed and incorporated as the town of Pittsburg in 1840.

2nd Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg, NH Named in memory of William Pitt, former British Prime Minister, Pittsburg is the largest town in New Hampshire by area (291 sq. miles), and its northernmost, home of the state's only Canadian border crossing. The four Connecticut Lakes, covering well over 4,000 acres, are the headwaters of the Connecticut River, and begin about five miles north of the town center. To connect the land across these bodies of water are bridges, including the Pittsburg-Clarksville Bridge, built in 1876, which crosses the Connecticut River just south of U.S. Route 3, one mile west of Pittsburg Village. In Pittsburg's Happy Corner neighborhood, a 60 foot bridge spans the Perry Stream and is located just off of U.S. Route 3. It is one of the oldest bridges in northern New Hampshire.

Pittsburg also has a unique school and public library combination: the Bremer Pond Memorial Library sits in the same structure as the school.

Fishing is popular in the town, especially for brook trout, lake trout and salmon. The four Connecticut Lakes, Lake Francis, Back Lake, the Connecticut River and several ponds and bogs all contribute to a very sports fisherman-friendly environment. Do be careful to check the F&G regulations though. These waters have have some fairly nuanced rules.

The town's website calls Pittsburg the "snowmobiling capital of New England." As stated in their website, "The Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club has a current membership of over 4,400 who come from all over the country to enjoy one of the largest and best maintained trail systems available in the Northeast." It is difficult to find a more enthusiastic group of snowmobile fans and there are numerous rental opportunities. The town and surrounding area is also the home of a number of all-terrain vehicle clubs, including Great North Woods Riders ATV Club.

Lodging choices abound, including many lakeside properties. Cabins and cottages are common as well as traditional motels and private camp grounds. Deer Mountain Campground and Lake Francis State Park also offers state-owned campsites.

The only 'fast food' in town is offered at the few convenience stores, but there are some good restaurants including:
Buck Rub Pub
Happy Corner Cafe
Murphy's Steakhouse
Rainbow Grille

Additional restaurants are available in Colebrook.

With its combination of history, winter and summer activities, and charming Deep North Woods location, Pittsburg offers much to the action seeker as well as to those who seek a beautiful place to relax.

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Maple Ridge Farm, Pittsburg, NH


Scheduled Events

  Seussical   (9/6-15)
  2001 Space Odyssey   (9/7)
  Muster in the Mountains   (9/7-9)
  Wingzilla   (9/8)
  Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino   (9/9)
  Things [Mom] Taught Me   (9/13-23)
  Reach the Beach   (9/14-15)
  WM Storytelling Festival   (9/14-16)
  Metallak Race   (9/15)
  Mandeville & Richards   (9/15)
  Cohase Film Slam   (9/16)
  Tricycle Grand Prix  (9/16)
  Rodney Crowell   (9/21)
  NH Highland Games   (9/21-23)
  Don Who   (9/22)
  Harvest Celebration   (9/22)
  Health & Wellness Fair   (9/22)
  Jeep Invasion  (9/22)
  Lakes Region Tri Festival   (9/22-23)
  Pat Metheny   (9/26)
  Driving Miss Daisy   (9/27 - 10/6)
  Neko Case   (9/27)
  Shot of JD   (9/28)
  Dixville Half Marathon   (9/29)
  New Hampshire Marathon   (9/29)
  Matthew Odell   (9/30)
  Lincoln Fall Craft Festival   (10/6&7)
  Sparrow Blue & Crowes Pasture   (10/6)
  Oktoberfest  (10/6-7)
  White Mountain Oktoberfest   (10/6-7)
  Fall Foliage Celebration   (10/6-8)
  Sandwich Fair   (10/6-8)
  Paddle the Border   (10/7)
  Lincoln Fall Craft Festival   (10/7-9)
  Shadow Play   (10/10)
  Killer Joe   (10/11-21)
  Greg Brown   (10/12)
  Camping & RV Show   (10/12-14)
  Riverfire & Horrorfest   (10/13)
  Jay Stollman Band   (10/19)
  Murder Dinner Train   (10/19-20)
  Pumpkin Patch Express   (10/19-21)
  All Things Pumpkin   (10/20)
  Ethan Setiawan Band   (10/20)
  Bettye LaVette   (10/26)
  Murder Dinner Train   (10/26-27)
  Pumpkin Patch Express   (10/26-28)
  Berlin Jazz   (10/27)

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