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NH Business Articles: Tips & Helps for NH's Small Businesses

NH Business Articles

Last UpDate 4-16-16


Known Employer Pilot Launched.
DHS hopes to streamline employer employment-based visa hiring process.

Business Service Grants Available For NH's North Country Small Businesses.
Grants equalling 70% or more of project costs available.

Nursing Center To Pay $50,000 to Settle Discrimination Suit
Denies Pregnant Employee Reasonable Accommodation.

McDonald's Charged with Discrimination for Denying Applicant a Sign Language Interpreter
What to do when someone with a handicap comes looking for a job.

FREE NH Firewood Advertising
How do you protect the state from nearby invasive pests such as the emerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle? You give LOCAL producers the edge!

$5.6 Billion Prioritized For New Farmers & Ranchers
Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden announces new USDA commitments.

USDA Awards Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Grants   
Five local farms/companies receive money.

Should Your Business Be Using PayPal?   
Things to consider about PayPal from our own observations.

Cleaning Up An Online Reputation   
Sometimes it's almost impossible to please someone. Here's what to do if the dissatisfation goes public.

$100,000 Business Startup Award Available   
Steve Case, a cofounder of AOL, will be traveling to Manchester, NH on October 1st to hear pitches and make award.

Should You Hire A Marketing Intern?   
Small businesses are often marketing challenged. A summer intern might be a good solution.

Is It Time To Consider Cable TV Advertising?   
Maybe yes, maybe no. This guide will help you decide AND be be more successful if you try!

Common Mistakes Business Website Owners Make   
You own one... How can you make it more effective?

Should You Join A Barter Exchange?   
When might bartering work for North Country businesses?

Can Crowdfunding Work for You?   (Brief w/ Links)
Is it an option for your business or non-profit?

Health Coaching
The next employee benefit you should offer!

Complying With The CAN SPAM Act   
Before you try canvassing thousands of new prospects by email, discover your responsibilities under the law.

Before Your Advertising Makes a Claim   (Brief w/ Links)
Make sure you can prove it! And, please note, it's NOT only about what you say! You have to be able to prove what a reasonable person would conclude or presume from your statements.

Rules For Business Endorsements   (Brief w/ Links)
Before you publish or advertise a business testimonial or endorsement, you absolutely want to read this.

Rules for Credit Report Disposal
Insure your company's compliance with FTC Disposal Rules.

USDA to Host Community Facilities Workshops in New Hampshire   
More than $18 million in government loans available to Non-Profits and Public entities.

Expanding NH Exports   
A $15,000 fund is now available to all New Hampshire businesses. Click for details.

Why Facebook Is Not Enough For Your Business
There is an alarming trend among small businesses to substitute Facebook pages for a quality business website. There is no doubt, that Facebook can be an important tool in your advertising toolkit, but, it shouldn't be the only one. Here's why.

Writing Classified Ads That Work
All writing is a skill, and to make writing effective, you need to do several important things. Omit any, and you will likely waste classified advertising dollars.

Advertising Your Web Site Online
Here's how to save time and money AND get better results!

Legal Tips For Small Businesses
A Little Prevention Can Save BIG Headaches, an article by Attorney Edward D. Alkalay.

Getting Web Site Links
How to do link development without pulling out your hair!

Small Business Liability: Are You At Risk?
Even small businesses with a seemingly innocent products run risks. Here's some ways to beat the odds.

Is Your Web Site Properly Optimized?
The 'Sherlock Homes Guide' to helping you self diagnose your web site's SEO IQ!

Learning To Advertise For FREE
Don't have an email marketing plan? Get started with these FREE, easy steps!

NH Labor Laws
A few good business practices will help reduce your exposure and save BIG headaches, an article by Attorney Edward D. Alkalay.

The Top 10 NH Labor Law Violations
A quick check of the list may save some heartaches, an article by Attorney Edward D. Alkalay.

Want Attention for Yourself Or Your Business? Write!
If you have something of value to say, it can be easier than ever to be heard.

Your Small Business Exit Strategy
Early and smart planning can mean tens of thousands of dollars more in your pocket.


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  Lost Ski Areas   (3/30)
  Bob Marley   (3/30)
  Marketing Strategy & Planning   (3/31)
  A Midsummer Night's Dream   (3/31 - 4/2)
  Beauty and The Beast  (3/31 & 4/1)
  Princess Academy  (4/2)
  More Than Just Ourselves   (4/3)
  Puppet Show   (4/3)
  Brad Mehldau   (4/4)
  Developing a Business Plan   (4/4)
  Simon and Garfunkel by Bookends    (4/4)
  Paterson   (4/5 & 6)
  Cowboys!   (4/6-8 & 8-9)
  Rick Thomas   (4/7)
  Sky Blue Boys   (4/7)
  The Blues Project   (4/7-8)
  Chili Cookoff   (4/8)
  Cold Chocolate   (4/8)
  Jumanji   (4/8)
  John Davidson   (4/8)
  Rick Thomas   (4/8)
  Symphony NH   (4/9)
  New Art for a New World   (4/9)
  LinkedIn for Your Business   (4/10)
  Lion   (4/12, 14-15)
  King of Kings   (4/13)
  Night with Leonard Bernstein   (4/13)
  Brewtopia   (4/14)
  DIY Marketing - Logo Design   (4/14)
  Heifetz on Tour   (4/14)
  Doggie Easter Egg Hunt   (4/15)
  Easter Egg Hunt   (4/15)
  Easter on the Green   (4/15)
  Mark Scalia & Kyle Crawford   (4/15)
  Sing   (4/15)
  Sofia Talvik   (4/15)
  Will Ögmundson   (4/15)
  Hidden Figures   (4/16, 20-21)
  Cybersecurity & Your Business   (4/17)
  Refugees at Our Backdoor   (4/17)
  Cantrip   (4/18)
  Metanoia   (4/19)
  Wesley McNair   (4/20)
  Hayley Reardon   (4/21)
  Shadows Fall North   (4/21)
  The Gloaming   (4/21)
  David Bromberg Quintet   (4/22)
  Ragtime the Musical   (4/22 & 23)
  Wunderle's Big Top Circus   (4/23)
  ARCATTACK   (4/25)
  Navy Band Northeast   (4/25)
  The Nile Project   (4/25)
  The Northeast By Eastern   (4/27)
  Playwright's Lab   (4/27-29)
  Get The Led Out   (4/28)
  Stormy Weather   (4/28)
  Dartmouth College Gospel Choir   (4/29)
  Peter Wolf   (4/29)
  Miss MWV Teen Scholarship Event  (4/30)
  Dancing With The Town Stars   (4/30)
  Symphonic Band Spring Concert  (4/30)

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