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Family / Lifestyles

Helping Friends Deal With Grief
Losing a family member or dealing with a broken relationship can be tough for someone you love. Here's what you can do to help.

How to Throw a GREAT Wedding Shower
Your best friend is getting married and you get to throw the wedding shower. Before you get in over your head, here's a hand.

Build Your Own Picnic Table
Things you need to consider and links to videos & building plans, etc.

Should You Consider Solar?
With energy costs rising, and rebates, incentives and tax credits temping you to switch, is now the time to go green?

Rekindling the Romance
Everything requires attention and maintenance, even love! Here are some tips that help you remedy a need before it becomes a problem.

Successful Yard Sale Tips
Is your home or space full of white elephants or items unused since the last moon landing? Here's some tips how to turn that old bread machine into dough.

Making Your Home Safe for Wheelchairs
Has time or misfortune required some changes at your house? Here's what you need to consider.

Tips for "The Sandwich Generation"
Caring for your elderly parent(s), spouse, and kids? If you answered "yes," you are not alone and have been metaphorically dubbed a member of "The Sandwich Generation."

When Your House Goes to Auction: Don't Go Down Without A Fight
What can you do to make a difference? Bake bread, of course!

When Johnny Needs A Tutor
Consider these points first.

Teen Sexting In NH
What's Going On With Our Kids and What Parents Can Do!

Creating The Perfect Care Package
Parents and family members always want to send their students something while they're away at school but a lot of people don't know what to send. Get five helpful tips on what college students really want!

Apples: History, Science and High Technology
What's so complicated about apples? The science and history behind them might surprise you.

Getting Kids to Read
Tips for Tearing Children Away from Electronics and Back to Books!

Dreamscapes from Thin Air
Remembering the work of Berlin balloon artist Richard Fecteau.

Why Women Are Choosing to Labor At Home
NH home births are on the rise. Find out why women are choosing to forego traditional hospital deliveries and medical interventions.

Apps For Sizzling iPhone Photos
New Apps can help 'ho-hum' photos impress the pros!

The Art and The Science: The Work of Dr. Stephen A. Kull
Dr. Kull began painting to fulfill a need: "I had a big empty space on my wall to fill, so I thought I would cover it with a huge painting".

Young Entrepeneurs Earn Their Summer Vacation The Old Fashioned Way: A Lemonade Stand
We're on Sullivan Street in Berlin, and a cool drink would hit the spot. That's when we find the Goulet children, armed with ice, plastic cups, and containers of lemonade.

11 Mistakes Parents Make With Teenagers
What Not To Do When Disciplining Teenagers.

Family Health Sites
Sites North Country families should know for better health.


NH Grants More Highway Access To ATVs
Governor Hassan and the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails announced the approval of permits allowing off-road vehicles to travel on state highways. "Allowing off-road vehicles to travel on state highways will help make NH's unparalleled ATV-riding experiences an even greater success," said Governor Hassan.

Here's an Idea: Hike to a Plane Crash Site
Why not combine hiking with a little aeronautic history? NH has several crash site with the fuselage or debris still on the ground.

North Country Movie Theaters
In recent years, there have been many closings of movie houses across the North Country. Blame it on TiVo and Movies on Demand at home, and Netflix on your PC. It's nice to use the pause button, but what about a little interaction with your fellow human beings?

Camping Do's and Don'ts
NH's forests and campgrounds are pretty safe places, but every adventure could be more safe and go more smoothly with a little planning and attention to details.


Why Facebook Is Not Enough For Your Business
There is an alarming trend among small businesses to substitute Facebook pages for a quality business website. There is no doubt, that Facebook can be an important tool in your advertising toolkit, but, it shouldn't be the only one. Here's why.

Writing Classified Ads That Work
All writing is a skill, and to make writing effective, you need to do several important things. Omit any, and you will likely waste classified advertising dollars.

Writing Classified Ads That Work
All writing is a skill, and to make writing effective, you need to do several important things. Omit any, and you will likely waste classified advertising dollars.

Advertising Your Web Site Online
Here's how to save time and money AND get better results!

Legal Tips For Small Businesses
A Little Prevention Can Save BIG Headaches, an article by Attorney Edward D. Alkalay

Getting Web Site Links
How to do link development without pulling out your hair!

Small Business Liability: Are You At Risk?
Even small businesses with a seemingly innocent products run risks. Here's some ways to beat the odds.

Is Your Web Site Properly Optimized?
The 'Sherlock Homes Guide' to helping you self diagnose your web site's SEO IQ!

Learning To Advertise For FREE
Don't have an email marketing plan? Get started with these FREE, easy steps!

NH Labor Laws
A few good business practices will help reduce your exposure and save BIG headaches, an article by Attorney Edward D. Alkalay

The Top 10 NH Labor Law Violations
A quick check of the list may save some heartaches, an article by Attorney Edward D. Alkalay

Want Attention for Yourself Or Your Business? Write!
If you have something of value to say, it can be easier than ever to be heard.

Personal Finances

Ben Franklin and the Legacy of Compound Interest
The message that a 200 year old gift gives us today..

Avoiding Online Scams
Tips and strategies for buying and selling safely online!

Local News

NH Dairy Farmers Struggle
The Farm Bill stalled, and with rising grain, fuel and other costs, NH's dairy farmers are hurting.

Cruise into the Fifties: Berlin's Annual Car Show
There it is: A cream and sea foam green 1954 Pontiac Chieftain Coupe. A pristine dinosaur that still cruises the highway. That's what Berlin's Cruise into the Fifties annual car show seems to be all about.

Improvements Made at Jericho Mountain State Park
Some improvements are ready now, but more will follow for 2013.

Maynesboro Stud Memorial Ride
Three Take Cup at Maynesboro Endurance Run.


Scheduled Events

  Seussical   (9/6-15)
  2001 Space Odyssey   (9/7)
  Muster in the Mountains   (9/7-9)
  Wingzilla   (9/8)
  Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino   (9/9)
  Things [Mom] Taught Me   (9/13-23)
  Reach the Beach   (9/14-15)
  WM Storytelling Festival   (9/14-16)
  Metallak Race   (9/15)
  Mandeville & Richards   (9/15)
  Cohase Film Slam   (9/16)
  Tricycle Grand Prix  (9/16)
  Rodney Crowell   (9/21)
  NH Highland Games   (9/21-23)
  Don Who   (9/22)
  Harvest Celebration   (9/22)
  Health & Wellness Fair   (9/22)
  Jeep Invasion  (9/22)
  Lakes Region Tri Festival   (9/22-23)
  Pat Metheny   (9/26)
  Driving Miss Daisy   (9/27 - 10/6)
  Neko Case   (9/27)
  Shot of JD   (9/28)
  Dixville Half Marathon   (9/29)
  New Hampshire Marathon   (9/29)
  Matthew Odell   (9/30)
  Lincoln Fall Craft Festival   (10/6&7)
  Sparrow Blue & Crowes Pasture   (10/6)
  Oktoberfest  (10/6-7)
  White Mountain Oktoberfest   (10/6-7)
  Fall Foliage Celebration   (10/6-8)
  Sandwich Fair   (10/6-8)
  Paddle the Border   (10/7)
  Lincoln Fall Craft Festival   (10/7-9)
  Shadow Play   (10/10)
  Killer Joe   (10/11-21)
  Greg Brown   (10/12)
  Camping & RV Show   (10/12-14)
  Riverfire & Horrorfest   (10/13)
  Jay Stollman Band   (10/19)
  Murder Dinner Train   (10/19-20)
  Pumpkin Patch Express   (10/19-21)
  All Things Pumpkin   (10/20)
  Ethan Setiawan Band   (10/20)
  Bettye LaVette   (10/26)
  Murder Dinner Train   (10/26-27)
  Pumpkin Patch Express   (10/26-28)
  Berlin Jazz   (10/27)

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